Study Guide, Quiz 2

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  • Study Guide, Quiz 2
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    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    In preparation for the exam on French wine and Sparkling wine, please focus on the following topics. Ensure to use the text, class notes and the powerpoints. The exam will be mostly fill in the blank.

    Study Suggestion:
    1) visit a wine shop and look at the wines in the French section
    2) look at wine lists
    3) TALK to people who talk about wine (a classmate, co-worker, best friend’s parents…)

    Champagne and Sparkling Wine:
    -know the steps in Methode Champegnoise
    – define the steps of Methode Champegnoise
    – name other ways of making sparkling wine
    – grape varieties of Champagne
    – climate of Champagne

    Red and White Wines of France:
    – Name the regions of France
    – Identify the appellations in the various regions
    – Name the grape varieties specific to each region/appellation
    – Identify and name the regions of France on a Map (NOT the appellations) and indicate their climate as maritime, continental, Mediterranean or varied
    – List the 5 first growth chateau of Bordeaux
    – Identify the 10 Cru Beaujolais

    Reminder, there will be a page from the beverage media on the exam. Look at your copy to better understand what information can be conveyed.

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