RWA3:Drafting a Personal Narrative Essay

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    Tishima Riggins
    Professor Rodgers
    ENG 1101 – RWA3:Drafting a Personal Narrative Essay
    February 22nd, 2015

    I learned to read in Pre-Kindergarten. Mr. Pierre, my pre-k teacher, always pilled out them huge, 3 foot, sing-along books every morning after breakfast . I remember him always pulling out my favorite book about a delicious big meatball that a royal family wanted that king had . “ The king has a big yummy meatball . The queen asks for a piece and the king gave her a piece. The prince also wants a piece and so does the princess,,” says Mr. Pierre when reciting the book has my classmates and I repeats after him. I got on to reading the words by him pointing at them has he reads. After that , I knew how to read and say the words on my own. Me saying and reading all of them words at 4 surprises me now cause some 4 year olds today hardly now how to read. Not even there names.
    Now, learning how to write was a bit of a challenge. I so shock of how good of a writer I am now because of how it was hard for me to do it in the past. Still in day care , but has a kindergartner , I learned how to write. It was simple for me to read the letters “J” , “R” , “G”, but to write write them it was a different story.
    ( I did not get to finish the essay, but I sent it in anyway to get credit. However, i will finish it on the printed copy in class when we go over them. Sorry.)

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