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    Juan Losada

    Hey guys, my name is Juan Losada. I was born and raised in Bogota , Colombia (South America) . I’ve been in the states just for a couple of years. This is my 2nd year in Citytech (Graphic Design) . I’ve read a couple of things (online), basically articles.



    Hi Hi! My name is Chavone but everyone calls me Elly.
    I’m currently living in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. I major in Arts and Advertising. This is I believe my 3rd year. I actually started “Silent Prey” by John Sandford. It was laying around so I picked it up and kind of got into it! I realized though that it is the 5th or 4th book in the series. But I still want to finish it. But I also read random articles online that catch my eye and follow a few fashion/makeup blogs, and nail blogs!

    Random Tidbits:
    I am a Jamerican as I like to call it :)
    I love to dance
    I do nails and dable with makeup
    I work as a Nail artist under my sisters makeup company
    I love tumblr :)
    & I am relatively shy at first


    Ronald L

    Hi, my name is Ronald Leon.
    I was born in Spanish Harlem but currently living in Flatbush, Brooklyn
    Its my third year at city tech and my major is liberal arts and science.
    Over the summer i haven’t really picked up a book but i did read articles on the newspapers.
    I also read about the media online and sports news.



    hi my name is Michal Kobylinski.
    i live in brooklyn. kensington area
    undecided major. more of a transfer program.
    this is my second year in this college and as a college student in general.
    aside from a few extreme sports magazines and spec reviews . i didn’t really do any reading



    Hello my name is Stephen Trenchfield , I am originally from Tucson, Arizona but I moved to New York City when I was 9. I currently live in Brooklyn, New York and attend the New York City College Of Technology where I am majoring in teaching and education. I love the brand supreme and currently intern at Supreme New York. I am a very sarcastic person and I have actually perfected the art of sarcasm through years of passive aggressive behavior. For example on the first day of class where I said I did not know who the author of The Old Man And The Sea was. That was clearly sarcasm as there is not a person a live who dose not know who Ernest Hemingway is. Who i personally find to be over rated and dose not compare to another 20th century writer John Ernst Steinbeck. Any ways that is about all the information about my self and my views 20th century writers i am willing to divulge.


    Taka N

    My name is Taka Nishimura. I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I start liking my neighborhood that many restaurants and stores opened lately.

    My major is web design.
    This is my second year in this college. However, I feel like a first-year student that I was away from school for almost 2 years. It was frustrated that I couldn’t access my college e-mail until this morning. I am very sorry for late update to introduce myself.

    I didn’t read any books in summer.



    Hello everyone, my name is Rajpattie Jagbir but everyone knows me as Trisha. I live in Richmondhiill Queens. This is my first semester at City Tech. I am a transfered student from BMCC, with my assoictes in Health Information Technology. I am looking forward to complete my Bachelors degree in Health Services Administartion. Well i can honestly say i am not much of a reader. However i attemted to read fifty shades of grey over the summer. Since everyone was talking about it,I guess i was curious to see why. I am yet to complete the book.



    Hi! My name is Briseida Montiel.
    I live in the Bronx. I am an Art and
    Advertising Design major. I like
    Photography and abstract Art.
    One of my favorite Graphic Designers
    is James Victore. I’m bilingual. And
    I love to eat frozen Yogurt with lots
    of fruits. :)



    Hey! My name is Lissete Casado. I am from the Dominican Republic but born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, where i am currently living.

    This is my second year in CityTech and my major is liberal arts and sciences. However i plan to transfer out of CityTech, hopefully to City College, and major in biology. My dream is to become a pediatrician and specialize in neonatology. This past summer i did not read any books because i was very busy working in a pharmacy, though i really love reading.

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