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    johannah rodgers

    Please introduce yourself by responding to the following questions:

    What is your name?

    Which neighborhood/area do you live in?

    What is your major?

    What year are you at City Tech?

    What have you been reading over the summer break?

    If you would like to include any additional information about yourself, for instance, where you work, who you live with, what you do in your spare time, etc., we are always interested in knowing more about you!


    Gustavo M

    Hello My name is Gustavo M.
    I live in ridgewood which is in between Brooklyn and queens.
    My major is computer information system
    This is my last year at City Tech
    I haven’t been reading over the summer break
    I like reading books but I haven’t been reading lately


    Kon Manevich

    Hey, I’m Konstantin and I live in Brooklyn. I’m in my last year of Computer Systems, though I come from City College where I was in EE program.
    I didn’t read many books over the summer due to work schedule. However, after watching ‘Game of Thrones’ I read all the books in series (except half way through the last one).


    asma akam

    Hi, my name is Asma and its my second year in city tech. I live in park slope and my major is liberal arts and science in the PA program. I have been reading alot of fiction book set during the 1800’s. I really enjoy writing, I’m in the process of writing my own book. I have written plays which one was actually preformed in my high school.


    Hey, I’m Christina and this is my second year in City Tech. I’m majoring in Liberal Arts and Arts because I plan on transferring to Queens College to study Elementary Education. I live in Queens. I really enjoy reading fiction, because it’s my favorite genre. When I start to read I can’t put the book down especially if it’s a kind of book I enjoy. If I liked it I would actually read it more than once. I didn’t get to read a lot during the summer because I was working and also went on vacation. But I started to read the Fifty Shades Trilogy by E L James.



    Hello, I’m Sabrina I live in Williamsburg Brooklyn. I am currently taking class towards my BA in Radiologic Science which I hope to complete within the next 2 years. I’ve recently read a few plays by Tennessee Williams which were interesting. I read a lot of children’s books to my young daughter whom is 2.11 years old. I also work and am a full time wife so I have a busy life. Does anyone know of any good books that i can read for the journal entries?



    Hello, my name is Stephan Monereau. I live in Canarsie in Brooklyn, New York. My major is architecture and design. I am a recent sophomore transfer at City Tech. I have been reading Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now, along with many other articles varying from fitness, astronomy, religion, politics, The Olympics, biology, and others. Recently, i have been working on making a mixtape with a group of friends recently, as well as continuing scripting graphic novels, and keeping journals. I like drawing, singing, and playing the piano. If you guys know any free vocal coaches, please notify immediately! lol



    Hello, my name is Vivian. I live in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. I am currently in my 3rd year studying Hospitality Management at City Tech. This summer I haven’t read as much books as I wanted to, but I did read Fifty Shades of Grey and The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. On my spare time, I really enjoy reading magazines and New York Times articles on food and travel.



    Hey, my name is Lisa Akhtar.
    i live in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
    My major is Human services, i am in my fourth year, doing
    my Bachelors and graduating next year.
    Over the summer i have been reading yahoo headlines and
    i have read The Hunger Games Trilogy.
    i enjoyed them because the story is different than most love stories and novels.
    I also like to reading scholarly journal articles while doing my research work to help me
    with my studies.
    i have thought about writing a fiction book many times but
    i gave up in the middle because i cant find time and also because i think my book wont ever be published.
    but i would like to write a book one day about the dystopian society.



    Hi, my name is Ami Ishida.
    I am from Japan, and I went to an art university in there.
    My major is Graphic design.
    Now I live in Atorsi, Queens. I love my neighborhood.
    I took English composition 2 on summer vacation, so I read many stories during summer.
    I especially like Ha Jin (a Chinese Novelist)’s story. So I am reading his story now.
    Thank you.


    Hi my name is Jonathan Galindo. I was born in the united states but my parents are from Ecuador. My currents Major is Liberal Arts and Arts but i plan to transfer to a history major and minor in education. I’ve lived in queens all my life. This is my second year in city tech and i didn’t really read anything this summer except i read a little of Friedrich Nietzsche book Beyond Evil. I also work part time in the city at a dog daycare center.


    Hello, my name is Armand Echeverry. I am seventeen years of age, and was born in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, but I am a current resident of Bayside, Queens. My current major is Liberal Arts and my endeavors as a student at City Tech is to excel in each course I attend. As we dig further into Literature, my goal for this course is to gain knowledge to a facet of Literature, which in this course is Fiction. Is Fiction a genre that is able to emphasize the entire concept of Literature, and can it somehow be feasible in my life? These small questions need to be answered as time passes by, and I look forward to the rest of my English course this semester. Also, I’ve seldom read any book, article, or anything that includes a text, except for the Dictionary, Bible, and a few articles that pass my eye.



    hello my name is Amana Bukhari. I live in Jaskson heights, Queens.
    My major is Computer Systems Technology and its my third year.
    In summer I read the Holy Quran, religious books and cricket news.



    Hi, my name is Hafsa. I live in Bayside, Queens. I’ve been studying at City Tech for 2 years now and my major for now is Liberal Arts in Sciences. Over the summer I haven’t really done any reading just what ever pops up on the homepage when I open the browser other than that I’ve just been busy at work.



    Hi guys, my name’s Yu-On. I live in Flushing, Queens. This is currently my second year in City Tech under Hospitality Management and currently working on my Bartenders license. Aside from reading my news app i have for my iphone, I’ve also been reading Dan Brown’s, “The Lost Symbol,” though i haven’t finished the book.

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