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    Exploring Northern Europe cuisine,



    Hi Omar. This is Monica Cimini from your class. The day you were chef I was on crispy leaks station.
    * Wow you did a really great job on a first day as a chef and also it was the first day of production.
    * You gave us a foot print to follow for the rest of the semester.
    * You made our semester easier.
    * As a person you are very nice, helpful, and cooperative
    * Professor Stewart explains everything well, is a caring person, ,.and is very patient



    I’m not so sure what to write here but I guess I can speak about the night of our first production. I thought we did an awesome job on working as a team and had everything ready by service time and we left on time or even a little early.



    Omar you are the funniest guy and very helpful, I really appreciate your help through out the semester. By the way you did a great job when you were chef even though it was only the second class

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