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    Jack Berner

    Hi everyone –
    My name is Jack Berner. I’m taking a few MAT classes as a non-degree student at City Tech this semester. I think some of you are in some of my other classes too, which I’m happy about. My situation is maybe a bit unusual – I already received my Bachelor’s from a different college. I’m back in undergraduate classes now because I’m trying to make myself eligible for graduate programs in Adolescent Mathematics Education despite my not having been a math major in college. My end goal is to teach at the high school level. I wasn’t planning on practicing the skills of a teacher while finishing up these eligibility requirements at city tech, but when the PLTL opportunity showed up in my inbox I thought it would be a really great way to ease my transition from math student to math education student!

    When I’m not busy I definitely like to get on the couch and watch some TV, but I haven’t had a new show I can get into since GoT ended! Open to any recommendations!

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