Group Assignment 2

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    This assignment asks for three questions to get to know each other, my three questions are:

    1. Has anyone taken an online class before?
    2. What is the last book you have read?
    3. What are your future plans after graduation?


    YingYing Li

    1. No, this is my first time and I’m so nervous.
    2. The last book I have read was The Joy Luck Club.
    3. I hope I can become an elementary school teacher. I love little kids, little kids are so innocent.


    This is my first online class also. I almost dropped this class to actually sit in a class instead but decided to stay. I am also nervous because I do not like open lab too much I find it confusing at times. Im not sure we are supposed to be posting here considering the post someone else just placed about an email he sent her. on the assignments it says post onto the blog post AND/OR discussion board so I dont know.


    1. This is my second time taking an online course and its really great since I work full time and having time to go to class is getting harder each time.

    2. The last book I read was “The Poet”

    3. Well I am a non-degree student but I am hoping to make it into a nursing program this fall so that I can become a registered nurse in the future.


    I think the aspect of the online class is great like you said, but it definitely takes time getting used to. I am sure after this I will feel alot more confident taking online classes. Nursing school sounds great! I love dental hygiene. It feels really good to help people especially when they appreciate it. My sister recently graduated with a bachelors in nursing from CSI and she loves it !


    Online classes really aren’t that bad but since I am not use to openlab its getting a bit confusing. Dental hygiene is a great profession I have a friend who is studying the same thing and he is really excited about it. All the best with your classes Lauren.

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