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    My intro is in a comment on week one’s homework umm I guess you guys pretty much asked all the good question so.
    Q1: Who here is a Miami Heat Fan?
    Q2:Who is your favorite musician?
    Q3:How has writing impacted your lives?



    We may have asked some good questions, but we haven’t received a response those syllabus questions; I suppose Prof. Rodgers will be addressing our concerns about the quantity of work that must be submitted each week.

    Q1: I enjoy watching Miami, but I am not as big a fan of basketball as I was in the past (too many trades).

    Q2: I LOVE MUSIC!!! I could never name one particular musician or singer as my favorite because each one has a quality that I like.

    Q3: Writing has improved my ability to articulate what is on my mind with much more detail.

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