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    Enjoying Ethiopia in NYC
    Part I.
    Hi guys as many of you know we have all the United Nations here in NYC and it wasn’t difficult to find a nice and cozy Ethiopian place; especially working with Marilyn and with her second in command: Milen which is Ethiopian and knew this delicious restaurant called “Queen of Sheba” located on 10th Ave. and 46th street.

    When I got there Marilyn was waiting for the table with a friend of hers and we continue to wait not only for the table but for the rest of the crowd. We finally got the table and Pauline showed up then Milen and then Paul another friend of Marilyn.

    As you can imagine we were starving and we ordered some drinks in the meantime. I got the…. and the rest got the Orange….

    We also ordered a Lentil “Sambousa” (Lentil or meat choices. A pair of Ethiopian style triangular phyllo-dough pockets are backed with spicy stuffing)



    and “Azifa” (Green lentils, onions, and chili peppers are coarsely mashed in an Ethiopian mustard vinaigrette) so when everybody was there we were finally able to order dinner helped by our dearest and expert in the matter Milen which also explained that they do not use cutlery at home because they use the Injera bread as spoon.
    I didn’t have any problems to get used to because I’m Mexican and we use the tortilla in the same way but the flavors and consistencies of the food is really different and I have to admit that I loved the food. It was an extraordinary experience to go out with such a fun crowd even though the service wasn’t so good

    What you see here is the “Taste of Sheba” Tibs Wot, Menchet Abesh Wot, Menchet Abesh Alecha, Gomen Besega, Bozena Shiro, Yebeg Wot, and Yebeg Alecha.
    This is a sample plate with a lot of different lentil dishes, some with lamb.

    Another part of this experience was that the order came in one large plate and everybody was digging in from it which makes an awesome dinner relationship because we sat in a circle so we could see each other and talk across the little table that seemed it wouldn’t hold the huge plate of food..

    Part II
    Here is a sample of a modern Ethiopian singer showing a background as the restaurant we went for dinner and many customs that have ethnic details and accents.

    Ant these are some pictures to show the ethnic and modern parts of the country in these days.




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