Culinary Tourism: First Field Trip

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  • Culinary Tourism: First Field Trip
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    Michael Krondl

    Please post your comments here on the food locations we’ve visited. Be specific.



    In Eataly, the place was really great in having wide selections of produce. The quality of the products was really great but a little pricey. One thing that really caught my attention was the cheese that they displayed. There were so many types of cheese that i never seen.



    I would have to save my favorite stop on our first trip was Eataly. It was fun to see the gourmet varieties. Although it was overpriced, some of the products were so authentic, it would be hard to find them anywhere else in the city. The best part for me was the seafood section. They had a large display of uniques seafood for sale.



    Eataly is a wide-ranging and varietal supermarket and it is always an adventure to walk inside. They have gelato, seafood, wines & liquor, various pastas, sauces, spices, anything you can name of. Plus, there are always samples! One interesting sample I tried from the creator of Wild Hot Honey was their spicy honey. I love honey and I had to try it. He gave us a sample of it with prosciutto and cheese. Prosciutto! Yum! with Honey! My two favorite things. I also saw a live demo of how they rolled the pasta behind the glass window. It wasn’t really a demo but we can watch from outside. It reminded me of making pasta in Culinary 2, not much different. In the seafood section, I was attracted to the squid ink tagliatelle. I’ve had this pasta before but I really wanted to make it myself. This is a definitely a food supermarket for food lovers worldwide!



    Eataly is a one stop, dining, grocery shopping, and hanging out with friends. It is conveniently located in the flat iron district, accessible to the subway station. I saw a mushroom that’s called Blue Foot Mushroom it was being sold at $60/lb, I taught that was very expensive for a mushroom. I also had a sample of Mikes Hot Honey, it was infused with chilly peppers. The sweet and spicy was a nice peering, it was served with goat cheese and prosciutto , I only tried it with he goat cheese because I don’t eat pork. Overall the experience at Eataly was nice, I would definitely revisit this place and dine at one of their restaurants.



    In Eataly is a lot varieties of items, you can consider it as one stop shop people. Most interesting part of walking through there was viewing the fresh produce, simply because I didn’t know that it had so many different types of mushrooms. The Mushroom that caught my attention was Lobster Mushroom. I’ve seen a finger grapes, in fact i never knew that it had such type of grapes. I find that the place was to compact that it would have limited amount of people coming in. I sample mike hot honey with goat cheese and i didn’t like it at all, the taste was bearable since honey was on top of the goat cheese. It also had an other sample with pork and i don’t eat pork , so i tried the goat cheese but unfortunately i didn’t like it.

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