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    Ryoya Terao


    Hope you are having a good break.

    As you know, you must pitch ideas for college data videos in mid-October. You should be writing down all ideas, which you have come up with.

    For your convenience, these are the links of some of the PSAs, which we produced in the past as follows. I’m also attaching the scripts for a couple of them. I thought it would be helpful for you if you can view the videos and study the scripts, so that you will learn what visual elements were shot for which narration.

    “It is Up to Me”

    “Get Help”

    “It’s a Dog’s Life”

    “The Visit”

    “Spend Wisely”

    “House of Cards”

    At the time of pitching, you don’t need a script yet, but reading these scripts should help you to think visually.




    Ryoya Terao

    Soon, you need to start posting your thoughts there in preparation for the pitching.


    Ryoya Terao

    Guidelines for the college promo video proposal attached (you all received its copy the other day).


    Ryoya Terao

    There are many ways to prepare a film treatment. Here is one website:


    Dan Gordon

    Just the beginning of a developing idea. Haven’t put it into a treatment yet, but will start to do that soon.

    We focus on the personal story of a few individual students(3-4) and develop a storyline for each one these individuals in their journey in how CItytech has enhanced and inspired their professional and personal life. The individuals should be diverse in age and demographic to represent the diverse population at Citytech.

    We could do a one-minute biopic of each person and weave their storylines together where you see them all together in the common room at CityTeach at the end of the video, but now you know each one of their personal stories.

    You could show them doing hands-on activities in the school like building a set, dentistry, focusing a light, designing a product, etc. . I think an appeal is that the school has real-life applications, with good training and an affordable cost. And, it will lead you to rewarding work after graduation.

    -a student learning about audio engineering and talking with a professor over a sound board, and then can cut to the same sound board but the student is now at a club as a DJ or a sound operator at a Broadway show.
    -A student practicing dentistry in a classroom can then cut to them in a dentist’s office as a licensed dentist
    -A student drafting in a lab at CItytech, can then cut to them drafting a design for an event surrounded by professionals.
    More to be added…

    I think we can employ many different types shots, like the individuals can directly address the camera, they can do voice-over, or the camera can be a fly on the wall as they are in class or in their professional life. The shots should be flashy.

    The video will leave the viewer with a very personal account of each person’s life and how this education has enabled him/her to pursue and/or succeed in their field of interest. It should inspire a perspective student to enroll.


    Ryoya Terao

    Good, Dan! This is a good start. In class, we discussed some ideas.

    Having some characters is a good idea to connect with viewers. This is a creative part.

    Then, we need to figure out how to incorporate some of the items in the required list. It will be a challenge not to make viewers bored with the info.

    We don’t have much time left, and so must move forward swiftly.

    From this class, there should be three solid ideas to pitch!


    Andrew Di Lapi

    I liked parts of anthonys idea, it was great how he came with the characters, and parts of there backstory, very creative. Like professor said its good bones, now we just need some meat.


    Ryoya Terao

    OK. So, as we discussed in class today, the videos will focus on the DATA. Three unique ideas have been suggested already today.

    1. Child actors (satire?)

    2. Three characters

    3. A parody news (e.g., Daily Show)

    I uploaded this before, but here it is again, the guidelines (it is funny, it is titled, “citytechpromo-guides” although it is not a promo video…).

    It states what you need to submit at the time of pitching:

    There are no phyisical limitations on the pitch presentation but the concept presented must
    be clear and relevant to the subject matter. Items students are encouraged to present
    in the pitch session are; written documentation of premise and concept, treatment,
    scripts, storyboards, style frames, mood boards, leave behinds (production packet for
    the judges), etc.”

    So, some storyboards will be good. You don’t need to have a complete version. I think ADGA students will have some impressive drawings because that is what they are studying. Don’t worry even if your drawing are as not brilliant. Content matters the most with some supplementary materials.

    You could present some photos instead if you wish. See the attached photo, “Breaking News”. This will be appropriate for the parody news idea. If you show a photo of the same room (AG38), everybody will know what is possible with our Tricaster (which comes with a variety of virtual news studios).

    Thanks for being creative!

    I look forward to the next session already.




    Slogan :it your choice, it the right choice

    3 scenarios of:

    Middle age man: passionate man wants to go to college

    Transfer student: 2 years in a college. Cant decide if he should go for his bachelor (incorporate)

    Recent grad from h.s:
    Girl has several options to go to school out of state. But she doesn’t want to leave home. Ask her mother what to do she gives her the best advice ( incorporate “it your choice.”


    Ryoya Terao

    Anthony, Thanks for your idea. You presented this in class last week. We need to find a way to incorporate at least five of the items, which are in the list (requirement for this project).


    Ryoya Terao

    These are excerpts from one of the most recent e-mail from Prof. Erik Larson who is supervising ADGA students for this project (see below). It sounds like some of his students are well prepared already. You all must work hard, and impress the committee and the entire college with your ideas. This is an excellent opportunity to express your creativity!:

    >There are some pretty neat conceptual ideas and some interesting visual hook proposals. The groups will continue to refine their work this week. Next week I am bringing in Prof. Davis who is one of the best ‘pitchers’ in our department to help as well.

    >All of the pitches include at least 5 examples of the 16 provided and I have encouraged them to include as many as they can. Right now the way it’s looking, each group will be pitching an overall concept, presenting storyboards for at least one segments of the video (storyboarding out an entire 2-3 minute video is too much to ask in the short time period with their limited experience), and preparing “leave behind” materials (copies of the scripts, treatments, storyboards, etc) for the panel.


    Ryoya Terao


    Your pitching day will be Wednesday the 22nd instead of the 15th. Most likely, it will be from 5 pm to 7 pm. But that doesn’t mean that you should slow down.

    Your treatments should be submitted by Sunday the 19th.


    Ryoya Terao

    FYI: Detailed data are now available. The list was created based on this.


    Ryoya Terao


    Sherlock homes theme

    One character playing as a detective.

    There is foot prints leading to the library, classroom, financial aid, etc.

    With a magnify glass he detected that the footprints of students went to the library, resource labs, office hours.

    Detective examines another foot print. While he talking the video transition of him being a narrator showing that the student is not financially. So the students get helps from financial aid. And so on……

    Slogan : the right path

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