Re: Three Questions To Help Us Get To Know One Another



hello everyone! it’s good to see conversations are rolling.
My three questions are listed below.
1.Why is it that you chose to attend a CUNY as opposed to a SUNY?
2.If you were able to bring about something impossible to reality, what would it be? (for me, a time machine)
3.What is something that ‘Grind your Gears’?

@Osiris A
What made you guys take an online English class instead of in class?
-Besides the fact that i need this class, I registered too late. So, there wasn’t much options to choose from. Also, if i had chosen an ‘in class’ English class, i would’ve had to come in more than twice a week.

What kind of life do you imagine yourself living in 10 years?
-This is something i never wanted to think about or i would have an ‘ i dunno ‘ answer because i never had any plans for my future. I couldn’t picture myself anywhere because i didn’t know what i wanted to do or where i wanted to go next. i would always worry about situations whenever they sprung up, and not try to plan it out. i am realizing now that there are certain things in life that needs to be planned or given thought to before addressing. Especially when it pertains your future endeavors. If anything, i would have to say that i imagine me living well in 10 years. Financially, of course.

What do like to do when your bored?
– when bored, i turn to the internet. I either browse youtube and video sharing websites alike or i Catch up on world events.