Re: Please Introduce Yourself!



1. If you had to choose one thing to take on a desert island what would that be? What would you miss the most?
• That is kinda hard, But if i were to be stuck on an deserted Island it would have to be a nice pair durable boots, I would hate being bearfooted having all kinds of things cling to my feet. And i would probably miss seeing the people around me.

2. Have you ever been to a Broadway show or Opera? If yes what is your favorite?
• Unfortunately I have not =(, I Always wanted to see the Phantom of the Opera though.

3. Do you like living in NYC? If no, where would you like to live instead?
• Yes !. Yes because we are all connected to each other in some way and because it is so easy to get from one borough to another.

1. What was your dream when you were young & what is your current dream to accomplish now?
• When i was young I wanted to be a wrestler, I was fascinated by all the stunts they did. The hardcore energy it had. Than I found out it was all acted out. Now i don not have a clear vision of what I wanna do but what ever it is, I want to make people say “He made it far”.

2. Did your dream change as you grew older or did it stay the same? If it changed, why?
• It obviously did change a couple of times, but they were all stages we go through.

3. How are you planning on to accomplish your dream?
• I have yet to find a plan, because i am not sure of what i want to do.

1.Who is your favorite music band/ artist?
• I don not have a favorite single band or artist. I am into Electronic dance music/hardstyle, and some of my favorite artists are Noisecontrollers, Avicci, Coone, Skrillex, Headhunters just to name a few =).

2. Who is your biggest inspiration?
• My biggest inspiration is Mike Tyson, he was a very determined man during his career. He had so much power behind every punch. His goal was to be known, to be remembered as a rough and tough fighter who did not followed the rules. He had 50 wins and 44 of them were knock outs and 6 loses, most of his loses came at the end of his career when his time was up. Imagine that more than 3/4 of the his fights were knockouts. He installed fear in the hearts and minds of his opponents.

3. What’s your favorite T.V. show? (If you don’t watch TV, whats your favorite movie?)
• I don not really watch t.v but when I do I like to watch anything on the science/national geographic channel.