Re: Please Introduce Yourself!


Hi everyone,

My name is Marta Kucemba-Stryjewska. I live in Elmhurst, Queens. I have a bachelor degree in Linguistics from Poland and now I’m studying Hospitality Management. this is my second semester here at CityTech. During the summer I enjoyed reading the first two parts of the Game Of Thrones. A little bit about myself: I’m Polish and I moved to USA two years ago with my husband. I always wanted to be in a hotel/restaurant field but back in my home town there weren’t many opportunities. Therefore I am very happy that I can study Hospitality here in New York. The past few weeks has been really busy for me because on July 23rd I gave birth to my little boy named Mark. I’m still trying to focus on my classes but I realized that once you have someone so precious to take care of everything else becomes less important. I hope I will be able to manage all of that and still have good grades.