Re: Please Introduce Yourself!



What is your name?
My name is Don Sadet. The family name used to be Sa’ada but was changed for various reasons.

Which neighborhood/area do you live in?
I live in Valley Stream, Long Island.

What is your major?
Entertainment Technology

What year are you at City Tech?
This is my freshman year.

What have you been reading over the winter break?
I have been reading a book called “The Foreskin’s Lament”. A biography about an orthodox Religious Jew who ends up going way out of direction from the religion and he just writes about his life story and its quite a funny read.

A little extra info for anyone interested.
I was born in Jerusalem israel, and grew up there for a majority of my lifetime. I was sent to the israeli military in the middle of 2010 when i graduated from high school. I became a combat engineer in a special forces group. I got hurt towards the end of my training and i was unfit to go back. I now live with my mom here in New York and its nice being back for a bit.