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Hello my name is Stephen Trenchfield , I am originally from Tucson, Arizona but I moved to New York City when I was 9. I currently live in Brooklyn, New York and attend the New York City College Of Technology where I am majoring in teaching and education. I love the brand supreme and currently intern at Supreme New York. I am a very sarcastic person and I have actually perfected the art of sarcasm through years of passive aggressive behavior. For example on the first day of class where I said I did not know who the author of The Old Man And The Sea was. That was clearly sarcasm as there is not a person a live who dose not know who Ernest Hemingway is. Who i personally find to be over rated and dose not compare to another 20th century writer John Ernst Steinbeck. Any ways that is about all the information about my self and my views 20th century writers i am willing to divulge.