Re: Chem 2 Poster Project


Me and Andrew finished the abstract-

What do you guys think?


Samples from four different locations on the Brooklyn beach front were collected before and after Hurricane Sandy and a City Tech reference sample. This was done in order to compare the various samples to City Tech reference and determine the correlation between the tests. Using multi-factor test strips and a conductivity probe, water samples were tested for nitrates, nitrites, hardness, pH, iron composition and conductivity. No significant amount of nitrates or nitrites was found in our samples, the pH values remained in a range from 6-8 with an average value of 7.25 consistent with a slightly basic solution. Iron levels showed slight increase in beach front water, hardness in pre and post Sandy samples were determined to be higher with average values of 200 ppm and 400 ppm, respectively, the reference sample tested zero ppm. Average conductivity values for pre, post and reference were found to be 2011 µS, 9067.5 µS and 92 µS, respectively. Based on these results it was concluded that there is a direct correlation between hardness levels and increases in conductivity.