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How the Population Shaped Brooklyn

Population density, a measurement of the amount of people living in a certain area. Population density had the biggest impact in how Brooklyn transformed. This goes for practically every city, state, and country that has ever existed actually. In my … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Underground: Flatbush

19th century New York City, vulnerable and overcrowded, was the target of the cholera epidemic. To get an idea of how the unsanitary the city was at that time one must know that people became sick with cholera after coming … Continue reading

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Bury Burning Brooklyn: Our BHS Research

Q&A by Adam,Fernando,Freddy,Juliana P.,Kevin V., Miguel L., Rayan R. and Ronny A. 1. a. what kinds of questions did each of the three stations(archival documents, image dtabases, maps/atlases) bring up? 1.b what kind of information did you find? a. Who … Continue reading

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Great Wall of Banksy

People that start movements, that make people rethink whats considered normal and make them reasses their priotrities, are the people whos work should be considered important enough to archive. Banksy is a street artist whos speaks out, creates, and provokes. … Continue reading

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The Blood of Brooklyn

Behold! This bold red brick building in Brooklyn. It is known as the Brooklyn Historical Society. Just this week I paid the building my first of many visits. The BHS(Brooklyn Historical Society) holds the nationally recognized Othmer Library. My class … Continue reading

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