In our final visit to The Brooklyn Historical society  , which I most say that the experience and knowledge that I acquired  during the visits to BHS are invaluable and that the research material and potential found in this institution are infinity . My group and I had the opportunity to read Gabriel Furman diary’s.Which consisted on a series of observational reports about Brooklyn,its citizens and his personal views on society during his life time. But besides his reports about Brooklyn over 30 years, he also gave a tremendous amount of cures and recipes. This Illnesses ranged from his nose cancer which he alginates that was cure with an application of mash potato on the nose to the cure of fever. With this humurous cures and recipes, my classmates and I concluded that certain word specially in the medical fill might had a different meaning than the in contemporary times. In addition my classmate and I found one of his entry to be very interesting , this observational report dated on July 14, 1819 and it was found on the pages 116-117.

This report was a sort of freak act of nature, which Furman was a wideness, it reads the fallowing “A herring(A North Atlantic typed of fish) weighting 9 once and measuring 13 inches, felt from the clouds and landed in Main Street in this Village(Brooklyn) near the Phoenix coffee shop…but a close service of the heaven made a particular view that the herring felt from the sky… this satisfy the spectator because there was no birds in site… ” This natural phenomena , that Gabriel widnes and the fact that many people thought this act of nature was heaven act ,brought me to the conclusion that like Gabriel thought to have the cure for many illnesses , many people who decided in the young Brooklyn were very superstitious. 

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