Cure For Cancer

From; Notes and Memoranda, volume 6, circa 1831- 1832; Gabriel Furman papers, ARC 190, Box 2, Folder 2, Brooklyn Historical Society.

Cure for cancer – Mr Thomas Tyrell, Missouri, advertises, that a cancer upon his
nose, which had been treated without success by Dr. Smith of New Haven, and the
ablest surgeon in the western country, had been cured in the following manner –
he was recommended to use strong potash made of ashes of red oak bark, boiled
down to the consistence of molasses, to cover the cancer with it, and in about
an hour afterwards to cover with plaster of tar, which he removed after a few
days, and if any protuberances remain in the wound, apply more potash to them
and the plaster again, until they shall disappear, after which heal the wound
with common salves. Cautery and the knife had been used in vain. This treatment
effected a perfect and speedy cure – N. Y. Commercial Adviser

Feb 1847

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