occupy wall street

In class we had discussed about Mayor Michael Bloomberg Action Toward the protester in the park. In the the article “court allows occupy wall street Protesters to Return to ,but without their tents” on the fox news website it talks about the protesters not being able to sleep in the park after the cops kicked them out after 1 am. They wrote the the protesters has the right to come back to the park but in further events they are not allowed to bring sleeping bags and tents to the park. In the article Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the evacuation was conducted in the middle of the night “to reduce the risk of confrontation in the park, and to minimize disruption to the surrounding neighborhood.” The protest had the right to come back in the park but the mayor still had police gurd so they could clean up. In a next article “City Reopens Park After Protesters Are Evicted” written in new york times. This article was about when protester was allowed to come back in the park. One of the protester had said that it is all about control as he walked past on of the officers that told him to move along. After a while about 750 people crowed inside the park. it had said in the article “Mr. Bloomberg said the city had planned to reopen the park on Tuesday morning after the protesters’ tents and tarps had been removed and the stone steps had been cleaned.” a group had tried to get through a line of officers but ended up getting arrested. In ” occupy Wall street Its Muscle With Massive Protest” on the daily beast website its tells about the protest try to protest trying to shut down lower Manhattan after what had happen to them in the park.Protesters occupied most of the main intersections around Wall Street  they barricaded the entrance to the American headquarters of Deutsche Bank they also block nearby streets. More than 200 people had been arrested. One of the person that was arrestedwas retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis and novelist and journalist Keith Gessen. At the end of the article a policeman says “I do love them. I lock up criminals, not protesters.”



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