Sorry for the late post, my internet was down at the dorm but is now working again.

After the speech that we listened to in class last week, the Wall Street protest has been consistently on my mind. Ive been trying to listen to both sides ( the 1% and the 99%) and I’ve been trying to make sense of it all. The problem with it is that there is so much information needed to be understood to have, in my opinion, a valid point to make on the situation.

The arguments from the protesters all seem to make good sense to me, and I fully understand why they are protesting. What I’m not sure about is exactly why nothing has been changed previously and why nothing is being changed now. Is it because what we ask for is just impossible? or perhaps unrealistic?

To me the answer to that question is yes they are impossible and unfortunately unrealistic. But, that being said, what we ask for is not realistic in the state that our government is in right now. If the way things are run where to change however, your demands would be quite possible. Our biggest problem in my opinion is how the government seems to be run by 1% and not the 100% that should it should be run by according to the constitution.  The first thing to do is to crack down on corruption and increase the punishment for taking bribes. I feel like it is now common knowledge that senators are bribed by lobbyists, which to me, is ridiculous. Money is given to banks by the government as Bailouts, but then banks give some of that money to politicians to pass laws, which in the end means that politicians are stealing from the government.

As I said earlier in the post, my education on the subject is currently limited and there for I don’t know if what i say is accurate or not. With that being said, this is what I make of the whole situation.




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