Occupy Wallstreet: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Occupy Wallstreet protest has gone massive in the media. Everyone and their children has an opinion on it. It takes tedious work to find someone who is reliable when everyone claims to know what they’re saying. This is also a pet peeve of mine. When an event like this takes place most everyone decides to voice their opinion even when they understand very little about it.


this blog is all about occupy wallstreet. there’s plenty of posts calling out to people to come and join and support and be a part of this movement. The blog is created by a group committed to help resistance movements. According to the blog this movement is the first to go international. it is also the first large scale movement since the civil rights movement more than 50 years ago. They have several blogposts asking calling out to people to help support them and bring medical supplies and food. but naturally, every blogpost has its comment section where veryone else can voice theyre opinion. The blog creator hasnt made any sort of argument as to what they really are protesting about. curious to know exactly what is going on in order to make my own educated opinion, i have yet to find anything concrete about what theyre saying. the comments do give me some insight and like them i do agree that the blogposts are blown very out of proportion. they claim to have ran out of their medical supplies. this implies that people are getting hurt. on and on the blog goes on to say they are the 99% and we need to stand together. they never touch upon a valid argument or explain what exactly is going on. their own blog comments critisize this.

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