United We All Can Stand

The first time I heard the theme Occupy Wall Street it captured my attention because I had studied an entire semester in high school about the still current recession that started in 2008. One day I was reading in AlJazeera News which reports news from almost every country. The cover page was full of reports, critics, videos and articles about the protest. Occupy Wall Street has been extented not only nationally, to most states in America, but also internationally to many other countries. In the Giant Pool of Money, (http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/355/the-giant-pool-of-money) they analyze how everything started and how the banks and other organizations in their greedy intent to make money lend money and sold houses to people regardless of their condition. They would give the money to pretty much everyone at a low interest rate and later on increase it leaving many in bankruptcy. Same happen with the houses until the bubble burst. Organizations whose job is to regulate the banks, and set rules of the conditions in which it is possible to lend money didn’t react. This became the major force that dragged the country into a recession and is still showing its effects on jobs, families and the overall economy itself.
As a young person in this era I am very proud that my generation is unifying countries from around the world to help shape our own future in a just manner. This week i found out about a woman who started the ‘Occupy your Neighborhood protest.’ She was going to work and she found a piece of chalk on the street so she wrote on the floor “We are the 99%,” She relates that when she came back home she found all the square tiles around what she wrote filled with different hand writings quoting “We are the 99%,” “We are the majority,” and many other messages. I believe this protest can be the radical change if we as the 99 percent don’t give up and keep fighting for righteousness and justice to the working class. Pasific yet strong protests is what the wise man Mr. Gandhi exemplified in order to create a real change.

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5 Responses to United We All Can Stand

  1. Sheily F. says:

    Another comment… This Thursday Nov 17, 2011 will be the Day of Action; the protest will extedn to the subway stations and many will be closed to closed down Wall Street. For more info see the article attached in the link. http://occupywallst.org/action/november-17th/

  2. Wow, Really cool presentation, really shows what was going on at wall street.

  3. Sheily F. says:

    Thanks Wandrille! I wish I could join the protest today is going to be the day of action! It’s going to be really interesting and hopefully will create a change!

  4. Miguel says:

    As you revealed in this post when you said “I am very proud that my generation is unifying countries from around the world to help shape our own future in a just manner.” I take it that you are in favor of the protest, and I agree with you to en extent. I agree the protesters are unifying and helping shape our future, but I don’t believe they are acting in a just manner. They have demonstrated they are willing to persevere, but they not once consider the safety of others. Therefore not in a just manner.

  5. julie001 says:

    Miguel you have a very good point there however i don’t think it is everyone that is acting such ways. As united as this group can be it is constantly growing now and with the growth of people comes the growth of ideas. I feel that in this united group are different branches of people and some go off and take the extreme measures to get a point across. So its not to say the group itself but the individual or branch out of the group which is causing less and less people to tolerate there protest.

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