Class Notes – 11/15/11

Rhetoric of #ows


99%, 1% – We are the 99%
* show that they are the majority, and that they can make the change, more people vs. the 1%. No matter how much power the 1% have, if the 99% comes together, it can enact change

* protestors are filthy, uncivilized, unorganized (no demands), junkies, lawbreakers

— fire hazard, sanitation issue, residents complaining, others can’t use the park
— used the first amendment against them
— damage control

— student who visited OWS found it welcoming, lots of ways to get out, signs saying please don’t touch the flowers, invited to play chess, little kids

Talk to people, gather perspectives

Various sources of information from all different directions

Multiple perspectives on any event/issue — your job is to examine perspectives and find your own among them

So many other possible solutions to fire hazard, etc. — other options besides kicking them out


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