Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street is about the people fight against bankers and how they are only in this to make money and don’t really care about the people any more.  Before when they use to lend people money they would check if the person has a job and able to pay them back. Now a day the banks don’t care they learned the if the get a whole bunch of contracts of loans and sell it to other people  they would be able to make more money faster. The bankers don’teven check now a days if the person could pay it back . For explae a bank had loan a person 500,000 dollars to a person that only work for 45, 000 dollars a year. At the end the person was not able to pay it back and the bank had to foreclose the house. I think that this is a bad thing because at the end people end up cant paying back on what they take. The bank  only cares about making money like when the governmenthelp them by give money to them when the bubble had pop. After that the bank still didn’t care about the people that help them and turned their back on them aging. This is wrong because this is going to have a bad effect on the future for the generations of kids that will grow up. It might shape the country in a different way like how much jobs might be out there.
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