How it all began…

The Economic Crash of 2008, to many it was a shock. How did it happen? Why did it happen? NPR’s podcast, “Giant Pool of Money”, goes into detail onto what caused this crash not to long ago. Though I am only a student, I can see the damages this crash has caused today. From a real estate point of view, the sale of property has gone significantly down, and a lot of people are starting to loss trust in the banks, since they are partially to blame for this dire situation. The constant desire for money, fueled the banks and the people behind them to trick and manipulate people in order to gain it. Though I believe that a major part of the blame falls on the men and women who put the plot into action, I feel that if better where a bit more aware that maybe, they could have avoided being drawn into this whole situation in the first place. Like “Giant Pool of Money” said, if it weren’t for people blindly listening to men like Alan Greenspan, many of the economic woes we face today could have been avoided. Though there is nothing we can do about the past, we can stand firmly now and try to learn from these mistakes, trying to improve our lives, and bringing more awarness to avoid these types of schemes to happen again, like the people of Occupy Wall Street. These men and women are trying to bring change to the ways things have been done. Hopefully we can be as aware as these people.

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