On my visit  Brooklyn Historic Society this time i got to look at lots of maps but one of them had me more interesting then the rest. The map that had me so interested in it was  Slum Clearance Atlas.  I remember this make more then other because it was one of the first map that had had look at when we went. It was made by the Slum Clearance Committee of New York from 1933 to 1934. these maps show the population in the boroughs at the time. It also shown how much of the people of the population was foreign born. There were also maps of the crime rate and monthly rent. Looking at these maps you could tell why some rents were lower then others and look at why that might be. For example place were higher crime would have lower rate. then after look at the type of people that would live around there.  the way the were able to put together this map was by the U.S. census in 1930. when i looked at the map most people lived right next to where they would work and most of the time it was crowded because of that. It was also the same areas where there was known to be a lot of industries.  Looking at these map help me under stand how things might have played out in the 1930s.

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