Assignments for Tuesday

1. Write a blog post in which you focus on one of the maps we’ve examined in our last two visits to the BHS and attempt to answer the questions related to that map in your post. You don’t need to go through the questions one-by-one; instead, try to answer as many of them as you can in a narrative, process-oriented post.

2. Comment on at least two posts by your fellow students. In your comments, make an effort to go beyond superficial praise (“good post!”). Instead, raise questions, make suggestions, discuss the maps in question and describe your own experiences with them. Utilize They Say/I Say templates to frame your responses to your fellow students. The goal here is to encourage dialogue and discourse, so if you get a comment on one of your posts, (1) approve it! and (2) respond to it.

For Tuesday, be ready to discuss “Crisis in the Hot Zone” and “How Epidemics Helped Shape the Modern Metropolis” (both on our Readings Page) and the video introduction to The Ghost Map.

Continue to think about an issue related to the readings and historical investigations we have done this semester that you would like to explore in more depth for your research project.

Please check out this tweet from Julie about the Lefferts houses.

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