Assignments for Tuesday


  • Finish “Crisis in the Hot Zone” (if you haven’t already done so)
  • Read selection from The Ghost Map (will be posted on the Readings page soon)


  • Write a blog post about today’s trip to the BHS. Describe your encounters with the maps/atlases you looked at and try to take stock of the some discussion questions. Continue to make connections between what we’re doing in this English class (including visits to the BHS) and your architecture classes.


  • Begin thinking about a possible final research project for this class that builds off of some of the materials you have encountered at the BHS. What do you want to know more about?


    For those of you who missed class today, I would like you to visit the BHS on your own and view the exhibit on Architecture on the first floor. Please write a blog post about it.

    BHS public hours

    Remember that as City Tech students you should be able to enter the BHS FOR FREE. Do not pay for admission and please ask to speak to Robin or Julie if there is any confusion.

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