Class questions and answers

Group members: Alex Z, Elvio, Wandrille (pierre) B, Darlin, Patrick, Sheily, Ervin

1. data base – only questions we could bring up whereĀ technical. For example what key words to use and so on.

maps- house number change, structuresĀ surroundings, spacing between buildings.

Archival Documents – Who was paying for funerals? What % of people got covered by theĀ sponsorship? What kind of salaries did people get?; Their situations? How much did funerals cost? How where the people that suffered affiliated to the theater? (by location etc)

2. Documents(which include peoples home addresses) + Map = affiliation of the victoms to the theater.

3. What % of people got full coverage, portion, and non at all.

4.We would figure that out by looking at the full list of bodies found at the cite.

3. What where the requirements for the quote on quote insurance policy?

4.we would figure that out by looking at the case notes.

3.What did state officials present in regards to the disaster and how did they react to it

4.We would find that out by looking at news papers for that year and month and try to find officialĀ speechesĀ made either by the governor or mayor or someone of even higher rank.

5. building materials, building layout (spacing). What kind of people lived there. Capacity. The community and what they did for entertainment. Which caused a large amount of people in one space.

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