My Second Trip

This was my second time to the  Brooklyn Historical Society and it was better from the first time. This time I learn about the Brooklyn Theater Fire. I was in a group that got to study receipt about how much it would take to bury some one. I found it amazing that it only took about  47 to 153 dollars to bury someone. When i had thought about it it seem like so little to me, but then wonder how much they worked for. After a while i found out that they only worked for 2 dollars to 22 dollars a week. Then it hit me that if they wanted to bury someone it would take a month  pay check or even more to pay for it. This would be a lot for them and especially if the person that had died was the one taking care of his or family. I cant wait to see what else i get to learn from Brooklyn Historical society and how this Brooklyn Theater Fire had change the way the place looks now and what laws was passed because of it.

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