Brooklyn Historical Society Visit #2

My second visit to the Brooklyn Historical Society was about ten times better then my first (not that my first visit was bad at all) but the main objective of my group was too learn how to use BHS ‘s data base for all of their archives, including pictures and all kinds of useful information. Our topic for the session was the Brooklyn Theatre Fire. The tragic events can be linked with 9/11 (thats how serious and big the tragedy was). Each group was given different materials to study from the fire while my group used the data base to find interesting material.

Robin one of the historians assisted us and educated the group on the tricks the well complicated data base requires for easier use. Then Robin split us up between two computers and let us jump into searching. We found lots of cool stereoscopic pictures. I’m going to buy a stereoscope viewer. They are super cool. The pictures where after the fire. Not much of the building was left but the stereoscopic images are awesome.


Professor Gold i cracked my phone and could not get a picture up. Sorry


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