Class Notes – 9/27/11

Using Quotations

[use brackets to indicate your insertions]

use brackets:
1. To remove extraneous material (use ellipses to shorten): […]
2. To clarify confusing confusing pronouns

Original sentence: I went to her place.

Your sentence: The author remembers that he “went to [his sister Mary’s] place.”

3. To point out an error in the original text: [sic]
4. To incorporate quotations into your sentences

Original sentence: “She shoots and scores.”
Your sentence: The author remembers when his sister “sho[t] and score[d].”

Introducing quotations:

The author:

— suggests
— argues
— states
— thinks
— implies
— points out
— identifies
— writes
— claims
— mentions
— once said that
— declares

. . . “what was there before” (Whitehead 7).

Whitehead writes that . . . . “what was there before” (7).

Citing Photos:

cc-licensed photo by roppon

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  1. zhik says:

    Professor was there homework on Tuesday? My apologize i was knocked out.

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