What To Hold On To

In the world we live in every object from “our” time serves two purposes: One being it’s normal everyday purpose (a blueprint to build with, a wrench to plumb with, etc) but the second purpose is much less known or even noticed when using the object. In the case of Jimi Hendrix, three objects that would be great artifacts are: a vinyl with his songs on it, a sheet of song lyrics and pictures from his concerts. Each of these artifacts would be important for different reasons, a vinyl with his songs on it will allow us to understand popular music from his era, allowing us to know why people listened to music, maybe what the songs were about or the instruments used in them. The lyrics sheet could give us insight to what were on people’s minds during that time. Despite the fact Hendrix was famous, he probably thought about things that everyday people did as well, which he put into his songs. Finally, the pictures from concerts would allow us to see just how popular he was, if we see that there were crowds and crowds of people going to see him, we can obviously deduce that he was a big part of popular culture. As I visited the BHS I realized how similar those items are to the items at the BHS. Even though the items I listed are not in an archive, they still serve the same purpose, weather they’re Lucy Kolkin’s letters or song lyrics.

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