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In my opinion, three very important artifacts that we should save from a current figure, are three of Santiago Calatrava’s architectural masterpieces. Starting with Calatrava’s Puente del Alamillo bridge in seville spain. This artifact should be kept because there is so much knowledge of construction in this structure that it could give important information to anyone building anything in the future. This knowledge in someway or an other relates to the story of “Funes, The memorious” because of the amount of information it took to enable the building of such a beautiful bridge.  Another of Calatrava’s works that I believe should be saved is his “Gare de Oriente” in Lisbon, Portugal. This train station also has so much knowledge stored inside its plans and construction, but it also personifies beauty, showing that even buildings for things such as dirty and polluted trains and railways can still be beautiful. One of the most important artifacts that should perhaps be saved from Calatrava’s works is his personal Sketch book. This sketch book must hold so much value and knowledge because it shows the development of all his works and how he was inspired.  Saving works from an architect would defiantly be something positive for society, showing us great knowledge in construction.

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  1. Isaias G. says:

    I like how you mentioned that the reason why we should save Calvatrava’s work is because of the knowledge stored in the design of the bridge. Though maybe you can expand on what kind of knowledge might be lost if the bridge is forgotten, and the plans where lost. I do agree that Calvatrava’s sketch book would be essential to keep since it can give insight on the way his mind worked, and how he can across certain designs for his constructions.

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