In long lasting memory

As time moves forward this new era only grows more and more in technology. Technology gets more advanced every year, as it grows we grow as well to be more dependent onto computers, phones, ipads and such all that writing on paper at one point will be no more. Now the question is what will happen to all the other important documents that are still on paper? Such as Shakespeare’s writing or even Lucy’s letters to her husband, what will become of these?
When I went to BHS with my English class let only when entering the building how amazing it looked and had that old feel to it, we had broken up into 3 groups in their library of all old information about Brooklyn. My group had letters of Lucy’s which she had written to her husband. Now the thing is that even though they had some of her letters I’m pretty sure she had written more letters than the ones they have stored in the library. If I remember correctly they have stored some documents on their computers in BHS as well as for some of Lucy’s letters. Just knowing this it can be seen that more in the future that almost ever document will be stored digitally and the only things left will be the very rare and important documents in life.
Since technology is moving and documents are being saved digitally it would be important as well to save some architectural structure designs that are worth saving to see later on the future how people use to think. “In the particular realm of literature and literary scholarship, this means that a writer working today will not and cannot be studied in the future in the same way as writers of the past, since the basic material evidence of their authorial activity — manuscripts and drafts, working notes, correspondence, journals — is, like all textual production, increasingly migrating to the electronic realm.”(Hamlet.doc?, Kirschenbaum) this can be said same for architectures because of Italian architectures at that time all used a very different style then modern day architects of today.
Some designs that think should be saved is Hotel Miura, located in the north-western part of the Czech Republic,  Bahrain World Trade Center in Manama, Bahrain, and Lotus Temple in Delhi, India. Each design of these building just look very different and have something to them that just gives its own style just allowing you to see how people think, able to put things together and just looking amazing as well having its own vibe to it. This just goes to show that not every person thinks the same and the style of architecture has aged through out its years as well that architecture from the past can not be compared to present architecture. Just saving the designs to show later on in the future can help inspire people then and now.

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