How do you want to be remembered?

Over the years, our life has been influenced by many innovative inventions and their creators. If we were given a choice, would we be able to pick only three things to describe our generation? If we could, what would they be?

One thing that has changed the way I see things today, are Apple products, specifically the iPod. Steve Jobbs not only cornered the market of the growing portable music industry, but also found an ingenious way to make it easier to carry and listen too. Jobbs didn’t stop there, but he also was able to make an impact to how people listen and interact with technology. This is a perfect example of technological ingenuity and how people slowly began to interact with technology. The iPod can in a way act as a digital Funes from Borges short story “Funes, the Memorious”. The iPod remembers everything that has been played on it, and will constantly go over some songs hundreds of times, making sure every byte of information is played in the manner it is supposed to be.

Is technology the only thing that defines us? No, for one thing that refuses to stay down despite the advances of technology, are books. One book specifically has remained prominent over time, the Bible. Though today people feel that the Bible is outdated for these modern times, it is still amazing to see how this one book, has survived through centuries and inspired people. Though the possibility that this book may still exist in the future, it is always amazing to see how the Bible was translated at a certain time to see how the people of that time spoke and read this timeless book. This is a similar idea to the “Hamlet.doc?” article. Since we don’t know the writing process of those that wrote the Bible, from the work itself we would be able to perceive why they wrote what they wrote, and interpret these circumstances.

Who knows how or where people will live 50-100 years from now, so wouldn’t it be incredible to save such architectural landmarks such as the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, or even the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of liberty specifically not only stands as a work of art and skill at bending copper sheets in the form of a women watching over the New York Harbor, but also is a landmark historically. Did Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi ever imagine how highly valued his sculpture would be once completed in 1886? This statue will forever be a marvelous work of art worth remembering, and a symbol of hope an liberty. So why not save, if not the Statue of Liberty itself, but Bartholdi’s design schematics? Again the “Hamlet.doc?” essay applies to this, since by saving the schematics to this monument, it can show us all about how things where made out of copper in the 1880’s, and save some sort of valuable technique, that otherwise might be lost in time.

These three things are how I feel that I want people who are looking back at us, decades from now to remember me, and my generation.

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  1. darlinhd says:

    This was very well written and it explained the reasons you had for choosing the three items in a very clear way.

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