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With modern technology, we can access more data then ever before; all from the comfort of your own home. The invention of the computer, then the introduction of the internet, allows us to share information readily across the world. by bringing achievable material into the digital realm. we have come to a point where we need much less physical space to store information. Consider this, one page of text takes approximately 2 kilobytes, giving you 500 pages for a megabyte, and 500,000 pages for a gigabyte, and 500,000,000 pages on a terabyte; this is about 1,000,000 big books. meaning that you could possibly have a million books in a hard drive smaller then most text book.

I believe that we should try and save as much information we have digitally, it should not be limited to text either. Archives should save all information, and should do so redundantly.We could even consider creating 3 dimensional mapping of objects. We already have  3d printers, although they are still limited i could imagine them being able to do even more complex creations in the future. programing like games and software should also be available. There should  be no limit to who can access this information. creating web access to these archives would allow anyone in most places to access it.

As people access the information there could be an interactive component, an open space where people could comment on the archives and draw connection, perhaps making it live information a continuously growing source of information that could be added to as it was happening. getting live reaction of events as they happen. this would create a in depth record of the present and a great primary source for people in the future to reference. people have been creating written records of things for a very long time. we attempt to preserve knowledge through the generations. as we advance in intelligence, our devices to preserve that information necessary to be that intelligent must become more efficient.

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