Zaha Hadid, Chain Reaction

In the 21st century, all work created is essentially a collaborative project. This is because technology has permitted us to exchange information instantly, providing feedback and criticism in a few simple clicks. To say that one person alone is responsible for say, a landmark building or a great novel, can be considered naive or foolish by some. However I do believe that individuality is what creates these projects unique. Therefore, holding one person responsible for such projects might not be so foolish after all.
Everything starts from an idea. When a person such as you and I come up with an idea its usually influenced from our experiences or the people around us. Nevertheless, each idea is as unique and as personality filled as the next. There are geniuses amongst architects, painters, writers, musicians, all expressing their individuality through their works. Works that are worthy of being preserved and learned from in years to come.
One specific individual who’s work and ideas are worth preserving is Zaha Hadid. She is an influential architect who has done many ingenious structures and whose concept ideas continue to push boundaries. Her brilliant ideas come into play in structures like that of the JS/ Bach Music Hall. I remember writing about this piece of art a while ago. Not only is the structure of the music hall efficient and aesthetically pleasing, but the hall itself takes part in the audiences’ musical experience. All sorts of sciences come into play in this structure. Panels are strategically placed to play with sounds and resonance. The “ribbon” swirling all around blends everything together like magic. I encourage everyone to take a look here
That is just one example of a finished project by Zaha Hadid. She had designed many concept models of buildings and structures that have yet to be created. Gaining access to these concepts will probably trigger more ideas from aspiring architects. Hadid even went on to design boots and apparel such as these.

Hadid did not think up these imaginative structures and concepts out of thin air. She was probably influenced by many. Perhaps older architects and structures, maybe her peers, or maybe even Bach. Just as Hadid looked upon preserved works, we should look upon her works and preserve them for an upcoming architecture who’s ingenious ideas might lead us to yet another aspiring architect who’s ideas might inspire, like a chain reaction.


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6 Responses to Zaha Hadid, Chain Reaction

  1. Freddy H says:

    This was very interesting Kevin. I have never heard of Zaha Hadid until I read your post. She is very interesting, the music hall she designed was very interesting and how she went from designing buildings to designing footwear was an eye opener. I agree with you one hundred percent all work is inspired by something someone must have seen along the way. That’s why archives should be preserved so we can view them and get a sense of how things were done in different time periods.

  2. I agree with Freddy, I’ve never heard of Zaha Hadid until I read your post, I’ve never seen such unique structures. I really liked how you wrote about how Hadid was influenced by older architects, proof that we’re constantly taking things from the past. Had we not preserved these older architects and their works, newer ones such as Hadid would have no where to draw inspiration from.

  3. Isaias G. says:

    Zaha Hadid seems as probably the most versatile architect/designer I have ever seen. This post is the first I have ever actually heard her name. Though I have seen some pictures of her design on the music hall it is always refreshing to know the name behind the design. The links proved to be very helpful. Great post.

  4. ronnyandread says:

    You make a good point when you say ”In the 21st century, all work created is essentially a collaborative project.” Of course I also agree that we should preserve people like Zaha Hadid because of the individuality in her own work. How do you propose people should decide which specific works should be preserved though? You point out that everyone is influenced by another and that each is still unique in their work, so essentially decent every unique structure deserve preservation? That makes, a very large amount of structures to preserve.

  5. ftejeda says:

    In recent discussion of “In the 21st century, all work created is essentially a collaborative project.”I think that Kevin points out something very truthful about the collaboration between different disciplines , in order to create and expand in a way the professional career, such as and architect professional career.

  6. zhik says:

    crazy how people how from buildings to fashion. All in all building is a fashion too but the scales are very diffrent. Very educating post

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