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The thing that is in common between a writer, an architect, an artist, a plumber, a ship-fitter or whoever is that that person no matter what leaves history behind. Essentially everyone leaves history behind. Some are more important and some are less important. In the end the importance of artifacts and archives is extremely high due to the fact that it demonstrates change and in almost all cases for the better. The BHS is one of these places that stores artifacts and archives which i thank them for due to the fact that it gives me and many others a chance to examine these things and make conclusions such as why things where done the way they where back in the day. Why people did what did they did and in the manner that they did them in. A lot of culture and standards are portrayed.  In Kirschenbaum’s reading he states that their is int any clear information that says this is why Shakespeare wrote Hamlet in the manner he did it in. Maybe if more artifacts or archives where left behind we could get a greater idea. Funes is  a great  example of why archives should be kept. He transfers these ideas through another man who has a significant memory of him. Which can be done with many more things, people, objects, paper etc. I think the one man that who should be jotted down into the history books and definitively kept as a archive is David Lynch. His great movie writing and artistic style will definitively be useful in the future.

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  1. torresj12 says:

    I agree with this post 100 %. Something that was very interesting to me was when you said ” A lot of culture and standards are portrayed. ” I agree with this because through archives of a specific generation we really could see a lot of their culture or ways of living.

  2. ” Essentially everyone leaves history behind” that’s the same thought i had in my head, i completely agree

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