We all wished we had something that could last forever, a novel, photo, or even a memory. We try so hard to preserve it, holding as tight as we can. We strive on the power of memory and knowledge. People today constantly  try to take a step backwards and put themselves in past To grasp at what a writer of the 18th century wrote or the blueprints of an ancient city, the possibilities are endless. Everything has a specific meaning to different people, what is just a waste of space in a library is a precious memory to someone else.  Whose to say what gets preserved or not it just an opinion that the whole world differs. To start off with mine i think there are many objects i wish to withhold not just in memory but kept safe forever.  Personally someone worth preserving is, Gugger Petter. She is an astonishing artist, who uses recyclables for her medium. Her work moves people of today, she not only touches people on a artistic level but on a green level as well. like Funens the Memorious, she deserves to be remembered and talked about with great detail. her work like,Street Scene. it has a sense of mystery i think i greatly describes people today. You never really know what your looking at when you see someone and trying to figure them out is what keeps you going. society thrives on the ability to break something or someone down to understand what they are thinking or why they are that way. this also goes together with the Library of Babel and how people have an complexity to them yet look so simple like a book. Another work of art from her is, Glass, six different pieces and six different cups. Its similar to the Library of Babel also. Look at it like this, every book in the library is made up of memories all sort of similar but yet very different just like her glasses. Every bit and piece has its own uniqueness.  Her last art work i will discuss is Commissions/Installations, different pieces of peoples faces and expressions. i feel like all her work especially this pieces is personal, to us they are strongly emotional people to her they can be an influence, a lover, or a dear friend. just like Lucy in Jennifer Egan’s essay your work that is personal and so rich in intimacy is now able to be viewed  by millions.  what better way to show the people of the future how deep people of today thought. Our expressions go along way they tell a lot about us and with her green touch on it shows how we are conscious of the environment. it shows that we the people of the 21st century are taking a step forward. In order to keep the trend going we need to preserve an impacting idea.

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  1. rayan says:

    I agree that we all have something that we would like to have forever and remember and that we should preserve impacting ideas. I like how you explained your ideas and the examples that you showed to make me keep reading

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