Done Now, Remembered Forever

According to Mathew Kirschenbaum’s “Hamlet.doc? Literature in a Digital Age, if Shakespeare had a computer maybe will know when exactly he was writing Hamlet, how long it took him to write it and out of the different visions of Hamlet which is the original. I believe we should keep document and artifacts from a architect because they might help the future better understand how building and structures. It might even understand why buildings and structures were made.
One document I believe we should keep from an architect is their sketches. Architects draw numerous of sketches so we can definitely tell what the architect was thinking, and the different ideas the architect had. Another document we should keep is the final plans because it shows what the architect keep from his sketches and what they took out. What ideas work and what didn’t. A artifact that we should keep from architects is the models they built because it shows the building and structure in a smaller scale. We know today that there were buildings that are no longer here. And by holding on to the models, people in the future can see what was built even if its no longer there.

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3 Responses to Done Now, Remembered Forever

  1. Miguel says:

    I love the title of this peace, as it immediately caught my attention after I loged in. What made you chose this title? Did it have to do with the way you used the phrase “no longer there”?

  2. Eliza B. says:

    Thanks, but the reason I choose this title is because of that phrase. The sketches, final plans and models of an architect should be saved so even if the structure or building isn’t physically there anymore people in the future could know what was created in our time. So what’s done now should be kept so it can be remembered forever.

  3. ronnyandread says:

    You make a good case about space when you mention preserving models instead of buildings. Buildings take up so much more space and we are trying to make progress with architecture, so where will we put the new architecture right?
    I should point out that with so many leading architects, well need buildings for those models of buildings. So space will eventually be the problem again.

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