Save The Domcuments

There are many types documents and artifacts┬áin the world crated by different people.┬áWe still use theses to think about and see┬áhow things might turn out, or even try to find how it felt to be in the past. Some of the┬áthing we should save is┬ádocuments┬áwritten by a witter, architect and artist.┬á These things should be save because they would help us understand their ideas for witting or making the creation that they had. An example of that would be the story “Funes the Memorious”. When you first read the story you would not understand why it would be call┬á Funes the┬áMemorious┬áuntile he starts to describe and tell all the reason why he thinks he so memorious. As the story “Hamlet.doc Literature in a Digital Age” say ” we may no longer have the equivalent of shakespare hard drive but we do know we wish we did”. This shows even documents from the then we still wish we could have saved all his ideas and rewrite so we could look back and see his thinking process.┬áDocuments help you understand┬áhow┬átime as change from 100 years to go to even up to a year ago. When┬áI had went to the┬áBrooklyn Historical Society I looked at pictures that were taken abot 30 years ago and i could see a big change on how life made the city how it shapes and looks today. The cause of some of events made┬á┬á´╗┐architects rethink and build building more different. If we could keep their document of what happened and how he plan to solve it could help us understand what made him build the build like that and how it looks. These documents should we saved because it would help to make us understand more and the people think on when they are making their work. Instead of┬á losing them and later wishing we had them to to know all the work they had put in and see how he was going along when he wrote it.


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  1. Freddy H says:

    Hey Ryan, excellent post, however, I believe you should proof read your work once completed because you made a couple careless spelling errors, just a tip for the future. Otherwise, you made an excellent point artifacts should be saved so we can know the true meaning behind the final product of their work.

  2. torresj12 says:

    This post is pretty interesting. I like how right away you were able to write a sentence to capture the readers attention. To be more specific “We still use thses to think about and see how things might turn out, or even try to find how it felt to be in the past.” Its interesting, but I’m a little confused. Are you talking about how things might turn out in the future ? Like does our past shape our future ? If so than that sentence was placed in the right spot. It made me want to continue reading to try and understand a little further what you where talking about.

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