Brooklyn Historical Society

When I first saw the Brooklyn Historical Society ,the first thing that stood out to me was how the building looked compared to all the other buildings around it. Just by the outside of the building you could tell ,it was one of the oldest building around there. As soon as you walk inside the build you would get a historical feel. I got this feeling while walking up these big wooden stairs and entering the archive room. I never seen so much detail go in to the columns, that looked like it was supporting the whole floor and ceiling. When we walked in to the room the librarians asked us to signed in and put away our stuff, then divided us in to groups. My group got to look at photos and how Brooklyn had change over the years. One thing that I had realized while looking at all the photos was that Brooklyn ship yard had a big impact though out the years. We saw photos that were a hundred years old to forty years old, they show the many different changes that Brooklyn had went through. They also showed how the ship yard had change over the years and how the type of people that work there changed. Some of the things that changed was that in the 1940s it was mostly women and then in the 1970 it was mostly men. I felt honored to have a chance to visit the Brooklyn Historical Society because it gave me a chance to learn some thing new.

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  1. ervinhot says:

    Why did it change later on in 1970 to more men being there unlike in the ’40s when it was mostly women?

  2. hmoller says:

    What really caught my attention and enjoyed about your piece is how you gave minor details about the picture. These details although might have been small make a big impact. Something I think would help your post would be if you add how you feel about the pictures, but all in all great job.

  3. On one hand I thought that your post described the building very well and accurately, you gave a great description of how you felt while entering the building and what your thoughts on it where. On the other hand I think that you could have gone a little deeper with the description of how women and men changed during the 40s and 70s

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