Assignment 7: The Idea


Upon reading an article called As The Income Gap Widens New York Grows Apart I realized how well it correlated with my blog on food insecurity. The article is written by a James Parrott (Deputy Director and chief economist of the Fiscal Policy Institute) and he addresses an issue that is not only effecting NYC, but also the rest of the nation. In this article the income disparities in New York City is expose and broken down in a way that is easy for some to understand, but difficult to accept. So when I found out the severity of food insecurity in American I couldn’t help but link the two topics together.  Making New York City the prime example of severe income disparities and inefficient government interference.

What makes this article unique is the actual financial evidences it presents. This evidences helps us understand the severity of the income disparities in America with emphasis in New York City.  With such an unbalance distribution of income, New Yorkers living in poverty suffer from other secondary issues that stem from the disparities of income. Among these secondary issues I feel that food insecurity is just one of many issues created by the polarization of income in the U.S. but more so in New York City.

Source: Juanita But, Mark Noonan, Sean Scanlan (2007) The Place Where We Dwell; Reading and Writing of New York City, PG180, As The Income Gap Widens


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