Academic Examples

The quote I chose to use for my visual quotation project was “The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing” by Socrates. My first design concept is just one where I decided to play with type. I chose to emphasize the words Wisdom and Nothing by using a contrast of colors. I also made the point size much larger then the rest of words on the design. The font I chose was Didot because it’s sophisticated but also modern. I wanted to use a serious/ sophisticated font because the quote is very serious and true.
My second design I decided to make the shape of the text a brain. I wanted to implement the shape of a brain because usually people associate the word wisdom with how much knowledge you know which initially comes from your brain. The font used in this design was a hand drawn playful font with a fancy calligraphy font. I chose to do a hand drawn font because I wanted to get a brain like feel in the design. All the waves, loops, and pink color give the design a very generic cartoon brain like feel.
Lastly, I went with a more photographic piece using Socrates. I found a photograph of a Socrates stone statue on Google (,_Socrates-Sculpture.jpg) and edited it in Adobe Photoshop by adjusting the levels, desaturizing and posterizing it. After I played with brushes and colors to get an old paper color and used a serif font over his facial hair. I chose not to incorporate the word “nothing” in this design because I feel it stands out and speaks for itself.

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