Before Whitening Treatment, Shade 1D

After Whitening Treatment, Shade 1A


Sealant completed using rubber dam.


Talon cusp on #10.

The skill set that I have acquired throughout my education in the NYCCT Dental Hygiene Program include:

  • Complete patient assessments including extensive review of medical history, documentation of vitals, head and neck exam, intraoral exam, dental charting, and periodontal charting.
  • Able to identify soft tissue lesions such as candidiasis, HHV, aphthous ulcers, etc.
  • Able to identify hard tissue alterations such as abrasion, abfraction, attrition, caries, etc.
  • Use data collected during assessments to diagnose patients’ dental health, including staging and grading periodontitis and identifying caries risk.
  • Identify need for and exposure of dental radiographs.
  • Interpretation of radiographs to identify dental caries, pathology, and periodontal disease.
  • Collaborate with patients and professors to establish an individualized treatment plan.
  • Able to review and modify treatment plan when appropriate.
  • Provide patients with oral hygiene instruction and help improve oral self-care through motivational interviewing.
  • Provide preventative and therapeutic services including scaling and root planing, engine polishing, fluoride treatment administration, and providing appropriate pain management.
  • Application of dental sealants.
  • Administration of local anesthesia.
  • Able to participate in interprofessional collaboration and present the role of dental hygienists in a care team.