electronic profile Freddie Digeronimo

My academic experiences are I just graduated high school in June. I went to Brooklyn prospect charter school. In Brooklyn prospect, I learned how to be a good student and how to be professional in doing my work well. My academic goal is to finish college and pass all my classes with at least a B in all of them. In hospitality as a career, I have not yet experienced anything yet. But just want to learn more about the major because there are a lot of things you can do under the umbrella of hospitality management. My career goal is to maybe open up my own bakery. But that’s what I say now but my goals can change as I go my goals can change because of all the classes that I will take while at City Tech. My personal strengths are multitasking, time management, responsible, hardworking, and leadership. These strengths can translate professionally because I can use them in the roles of management throughout the industry. For example, using these traits I can become a hotel manager, resturant manager, or a bakery manager. In the end, my strengths will help me to be successful in my career.  


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