1. GOALS


  1. Become a manager of a business.
  2. Design my career around my personal passion of computers and technology.
  3. Learn a second language.
  4. Create a website for a non-profit organizations.
  5. Be a mentor to others.
  6. Graduate college.
  7. Go for my Master’s degree.
  8. I want to go for my Ph.D. in my career field. **
  9. I want to get my driver’s license.
  10. Start networking more, become a better networker
  11. I want to get my all the certificates I need for my career.
  12. I want to work with health and human services.
  13. Communicate more effectively with others.
  14. Partner with another person to start a charity.
  15. Travel globally to advocate for women rights.
  16. Works overseas Example: England